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Short Talks with Pamela offer relevant and practical leadership tools for your breakfast, luncheon or dinner meeting
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  • Reflective.
  • Personal growth opportunities.
  • Insightful.
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  • Audiences will beg for Pamela to return.

Short Talks with Pamela Topics

3 Body Language Tips Guaranteed To Give You Return Business

Body language is easily misinterpreted and yet, we rely on our read of body language for everything.

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3 Critical Tips To Run A Truly Effective Meeting

Meetings can be riddled with disrespect and boredom. How to stop chairing the bored.

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Recognize The 3 Faces of Drama & Ditch Them!

Almost everyone lives in the drama triangle, and everyone wants out - or do they?

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3 Secrets to Effective Business Introductions

Telling people what you do can be frustrating and painful unless you've nailed it. Let's learn how to nail it!

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THE 4 Personalities You Must Master Working With Or Your Business Will Fail

If you don't understand these personalities, your whole world won't make sense, ever.

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5 Networking Mistakes You Are Probably Making That Prevent You From Bringing Home Business

Networking is actually like hunting, you have to prepare for it.

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5 Must Learn Leadership Skills That Will Earn You Respect From Your Staff and Customers

Pamela covers what emotional intelligence looks and feels like

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#1 Communication Skill You Need When Presenting To Any Group

If you do this one thing, your audience will love you and listen!

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3 Ways To Stop Being Controlled By A Passive-Aggressive

Passive-Aggressive behaviors can ruin your life if you let them.

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