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Need out of the conflict management soup?

Looking for corporate management training
for your Portland or Seattle based group?

Or executive coaching for your Paris based organization?

Ensure you are on top of your corporate culture…

corporate management training

You need corporate management training if you say “yes” to any of these…

  • You lay awake nights feeling like you are losing control.
  • You often feel blindsided by negative surprises.
  • Your team seems more sluggish than urgent when taking care of business.
  • You don’t manage conflict well.
  • You are seeing higher than a 10% turnover of top performers.
  • Even though you are always hustling, your teams won’t/can't keep up.
  • You are not getting the output you should be getting from your key people.

If you've got any of these signs above, you have a culture in trouble…

And you want integrity, flow and effectiveness in your company culture, it’s time to get honest and real about changing your organization’s culture right away. Why? Because if engagement and effectiveness is missing, it won’t appear on its own. No more dragging of feet. No more lack of respect. And no more loss of good people.

It’s time to get back in control.

If you want uber confidence in your organization's culture and your team align with you instead of against you, it’s time to bring Pamela in. (We also handle conflict with gloves of steel and velvet). No matter where you are based we will come to you.

We also offer virtual training guaranteed keep your group engaged.

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