Meet Pamela

How to describe Pamela? Delightful, Vivacious, Fiery, Elegant…

Pamela Cournoyer is an internationally known:

  • Motivational Speaker
  • Executive Leadership Coach
  • Communication Consultant
  • Mediator & Conflict Resolution Expert
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Interpersonal Skills Expert
  • Public Speaking Coach
  • DISC Practitioner

She has since created a solid reputation working with clients as diverse as: the Oregon State Police, Nike and the Department of Justice, in the Republic of Kosovo, MLM companies top leadership.

Nekoda Bragg Small Business Owner & Leader of champions, who has a following of thousands and thousands.

I didn't believe in coaches, until I met you..."

A Few of Pamela's Certificataions

  • 6 Master Trainer-of-Trainer Certifications
  • Big Money Business Coach & Rapid Coaching Academy Coach Certified (that means she can help you resolve your issues in minutes instead of hours)
  • Certified Extraordinary Coach - of which Pamela
    is one of 2 triple-certified "XOC-Coaches" on the planet.
  • Peace Process Master
  • Instant Miracle Technique Master
  • Muscle Testing Master
  • Enthusiastic Prayer Warrior