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DiSC® is a personal assessment tool that is proven to dramatically improve client and workplace communication as well as job performance. When applying the content within these profiles, individuals and workplaces are transformed due to the invaluable personal insights the assessments provide.

What are the advantages of using DiSC®?

  • Facilitates teamwork 

  • Reduces conflict among members 

  • Increases employee engagement and morale

  • Creates an atmosphere of support and mutual cooperation towards personal and company goals

Why use DiSC® Personal Assessments in particular?

DiSC® profiles boast a 98% accuracy rate and have been used by more than 40 million people worldwide to improve the work environment, get more done and reduce stress. They are still the number one seller of profiles today and are available in over 30 different languages. They are simple to understand and easy to apply.

How does DiSC® work?

Everything DiSC® measures how an individual prefers to interact by providing bankable advice on how to approach and work with others. The personal assessment is composed of a series of scientifically-formulated questions that give a very accurate description of an individual's strengths, shortcomings, buying and selling partialities, leadership tendencies, and management inclinations.

Who is this for?

Companies who want to improve their B2B and staff relationships by expanding their people-reading and people-reaching skills. It is also for individuals who want a deeper understanding of themselves, how they best function and why; and then how to approach others with desirable results.

What assessments are available to me?

DiSC® offers multiple profiles for management, leadership, sales personnel, and staff. They are catered to specific roles within a company and address challenges that those individuals may encounter. The following profiles I have found to be the most valuable and relevant to the companies I work with are:

  • Management Profiles - Aka the Managers’ Bible. Learn your personal management style and how to use it to best motivate a diverse team.

  • Workplace Profiles - Help your team learn about themselves and how to best work with others without getting offended by their differences.

  • Sales Profiles - Learn your personal selling style and what others need in order to buy from you; a must if you want to massively increase your conversion rate.

  • Work of Leaders Profiles - Offers 3 key strategies for improving leadership effectiveness and overall performance. It also shares how to connect and be followed.

  • 363 Profiles - Team members and peers provide input to get a 360 view of a particular leader so that strengths and areas needing improvement are highlighted and addressed. 

  • Productive Conflict Profiles - Gain insights and communication strategies into individuals’ responses to conflict and how to best manage those situations.

Contact Pamela today

To determine which profile is the best fit for yourself or your company. 

Fun Fact about the Creator of DiSC®


The DiSC® concept was developed in 1949 by Dr. William Marston, an American psychologist who was also the inventor of an early prototype of the lie detector, a self-help author, and comic book writer who created the character Wonder Woman!

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