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Very successful businesses have this in common; their owners, executives and their managers get


Businesses that hire a coach achieve a return on their investment anywhere from 30% - 580%. *

Study conducted by McGovern, Lindemann, Vergara, Murphy, Barker and Warrenfeltz with Manchester, Inc. & another recent study by Metrix Global.

 Pickleball Team Building, Conflict Resolution
How does coaching work?

Coaching works by

  • Setting goals that align with you.

  • Clarifying what has stopped or prevented you from reaching your goals in the past.

  • Clearing success prevention blocks on three levels; physical, emotional, and spiritual.

  • Co-strategizing approaches that work best for you to achieve what you want.

  • Supporting you every step in achieving your goals.


You will sense if your coach cares about your success, course corrects your strategies, and helps navigate through your shortcomings in a way that feels safe. (Yes, they should also challenge you).


The right coach for you will get you on multiple planes.  They are your silent business partner invested in your success.

Even though you can make substantial transformations with just one session, most coaching challenges have been going on for some time. It takes a commitment to stay with your process until you've mastered what you've come to coaching for.

What can I expect coaching to do for me?

Just listen to what high-level executives have to say:

  • 77% of working relationships with their employees improved 

  • 71% of working relationships with their immediate supervisors improved

  • 67% of their group teamwork improved

  • 63% noticed improvement in their peer working relationships 

  • 61% have greater job satisfaction

  • 53% noticed an increase in personal productivity

  • 52% noticed a reduction in workplace conflict


*Study conducted by MetrixGlobal LLC

Who We Work With

Powerful & True works with three types of clients; ​management and their teams, family businesses, and business partnerships.


We specialize in supporting management and their teams in conflict to improve their communication, increase emotional intelligence and grow leadership.


We support service-oriented small businesses, and family businesses, to develop company leadership and increase teamwork and productivity resulting in higher profitability.

motional Intelligence, Family Business

We work with business partners who want to reach their bodacious goals together instead of at each other's throats. Get ready to step into your highest, most productive selves.

Why coach with Pamela & Her Team?

Pamela is no stranger to leadership and conflict - one example is when she worked in law enforcement, she was responsible for civilian groups of 1,000 plus.


She can confidently say "Been there, done that, you probably won't want to go there" with humor and compassion.


Most conflict resolution methods are experienced as:

  • Unrelatable and therefore not worth the effort

  • Too complex

  • Too intimidating to act on

  • Not sticking over the long term

  • Too generic and not flexible

Our Conflict Resolution Leadership methods: 

  • Are practical from everyone's viewpoint

  • Quickly get to the source of the issue

  • Eliminate guesswork through the use of proven assessments

  • Balance the learning through both training (short-term) and coaching (long-term)


Consider us your blanket of support, setting you up for success - it's our job to make you look good to the people you work with.


Our 50+ LinkedIn testimonials reflect an uncanny ability to assist upper and middle management leaders reclaim their disenchanted teams and workplaces in a way that will work for them. 


Our coach leadership fortes are mastering mindset, perspective-shifting, boundary setting, advancing communication, resolving conflict, and raising the quality of life both at work and at home.


We invite you to do your research. Interview other coaches. Then, come back to us, and you will know immediately if we are right for you. 

motional Intelligence, Family Business
"Over the course of a year, Pamela is responsible for the single greatest achievement to date in my coaching career; she got me to believe in my value. Because of this, my rates increased 8X."

-Ken Proctor

Do you offer more?



  1. We offer a certification coach training program; Quantum Coach & Mentorship  is designed to teach you advanced communication, conflict interventions and resolution, active and deep listening, and high-grade questioning skills, plus we include our Instant Transformation Technique training.

  2. The Instant Transformation Technique focuses on releasing emotional blockages that stop or stand in the way of emotional and physical healing. We utilize an advanced Instant Miracle technique, and an advanced level of Peace Process, as well as ancestral healing, and forgiveness therapy, plus we, teach you how to muscle test with confidence.


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