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Get Certified in an Advanced level of the Instant Miracle Technique called..



Teaches Advanced Level Instant Miracle Technique

Managers, coaches and healers; Instantly RELEASE yourself and others from energy-draining blocks, emotional stops, and personal sabotage.

You'll learn to break-through hardened leader mindsets within minutes, instead of weeks, months or years.


You'll also get certified to use the Instant Transformation Technique in your coaching and healing practice from an Instant Miracle Technique Coach Certified Master-Trainer.


If you are looking for a way to expand and heighten your ability to heal people's lives in just seconds, this technique uses your own life-force to lovingly shift others to a serene and lasting resolution.


We use quantum physics techniques that alter another's frequency and help shift their thinking to heal themselves. This is a powerful technique that has the potential to really leap your coaching skills and practice forward.


You'll learn to coach extraordinary breakthroughs with leaders including corporate management.

In 4 personalized one hour trainings,
  • Become an ultra-high end coach by learning quantum physics coaching methods beyond goal setting and accountability.

  • Grow through emotional and physical barriers to personal progress faster and easier than ever before - at quantum levels.

  • Easily maneuver questions people may ask when you use Instant Transformation Technique without sounding weird.

  • Overcome deep blocks from an Instant Miracle Technique Coach Certification Master.

With this powerful training, you'll learn...
  • The "Instant Transformation Technique", is based on the "Instant Miracle Technique".

  • A Master's Level Version of the "Peace Process" is called the "Serenity Process".

  • Muscle Testing; a stepping stone to trusting your intuition.

  • Your own Prayer Healing.

  • Epigenetic Marker Clearing

  • Emotional Trauma Clearing

  • Body Scan & Gateway Clearing

  • NLP and visioning methods that work.

  • How to instantly eliminate fears & anxieties for yourself and others.

100% No Risk Miraculous Guarantee!

(This means Pamela will personally work with you until you  can demonstrate these incredibly life changing techniques)

Upon Successful Completion, you'll become Certified in an Advanced level of the Instant Miracle Technique called the "Instant Transformation Technique".


  1. Must agree to complete all four 1-hour sessions

  2. It's best if you have a client/friend to attend all sessions with you and practice the techniques with. (Fee is the same for you and your "client" or just you alone)


“Pamela Cournoyer is a powerful coach and an even more powerful healer. As a powerful healer myself, I am well-qualified to recognize another. Pamela cuts right to the heart of an issue and quickly resolves it. I have had the good fortune to personally experience her healing work and greatly benefited from it. Her intuition and healing gifts are unparalleled.”

- Abby Rohrer, Clear Your Money Karma Coach

This client had an energy healing session to eliminate self-depreciation while playing the sport of pickleball. Here are her results after a single session.

"I wanted to tell you how much our one session shifted some things.  Amazingly powerful!!

Pickleball & things, in general, feel different.  Things feel lighter & more open somehow.  It is hard to describe.

Pickleball was interesting - I was less anxious about how well I played and who might be watching (i.e. judging).  It is as if a dam has broken or a wall is gone.  My actual play wasn't any different but it seemed like some of the things that Bonnie has tried to work with me on could finally come to mind - not necessarily implemented yet but the words/concepts made it to me during play instead of remaining stuck behind the wall.  Does that make sense?? 

The other thing I noticed is that I was able to "hear" when someone complimented me on a good shot and actually take it in & also think to myself "yes that was a good shot". 

I still immediately react negatively when I hit a bad shot but it wasn't such a sharp reaction and it seemed a bit easier to tell myself that it was OK and I would do better the next time.  It is such a delicate shift but so powerful.  I am so grateful for the work we did and your gentle and intuitive guidance. " -October 2021 client

You can learn to do the same for those you care about through this class.
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