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Conflict Resolution, Emotional Intelligence


The proven way to get your team on the same page.

How do our trainings work?

Our training introduces practical and innovative leadership approaches to resolve chaos, correct misunderstandings, improve daily workplace communication, and staff accountability, and restore balance in the workplace.

Through our unique leadership development training, our students develop tools, insights, and new ways to remedy recurring problems, enabling them to adeptly handle any situation that comes their way with tact, diplomacy, and candor.

What can I expect training to do for my company?
  • Increase productivity

  • Improve staff accountability

  • Boost employee engagement

  • Improve effectiveness & efficiency

  • Strengthen employee attitudes/moral

  • Upgrade management approaches

  • Instill leadership principles and values

  • Develop and enhance leadership skills

Conflict Resolution, Emotional Intelligence

The types of training we offer:

We train management to not only manage but to lead, then, we train staff to listen and be accountable.


We offer private, experiential training retreats for 1-10 people. Whether you are looking to upgrade your teams leadership skill-sets, provide coach training to yourself or your staff or if you are a solo-preneur who needs a business jumpstart, we’ve got you covered. To see which specially tailored retreat is right for you, click below.


Virtual and in-person trainings designed to specifically support current and rising management. Topics include conflict management, improving company culture, advanced communication techniques, team building, leadership development and how to deliver engaging presentations.

Leadership Development, Training, Coaching

What’s so unique about Powerful & True Trainings?

Pamela was the problem she now helps you solve. She was attitudinal, manipulative, chronically late, had zero accountability, and rarely got her work done. She was adept at spreading rumors leading the gossip charge for years in each of her numerous workplaces.


In fact, Pamela was fired from her first 10 jobs! Although this is not something one usually brags about, it gave her insight over the years into what employees need, want, and what will motivate them. 

The silver lining: Pamela eventually grew (with the help of insightful managers) to become a top-rated employee with the highest evaluations in her workplace. She knows about your problem people and she knows how to help you get to them and turn them around, pronto. 


Pamela’s courses teach students how to influence others. She is lauded for providing a safe environment for people to learn and try new ways of doing things. Management and staff students walk away energized, empowered, and ready to go back to work.


You will love her stories, but you will love her solutions even more.

"We called on Powerful & True and the result was a committee that’s been transformed into a committed, focused, and action oriented group. Committee members now look forward to meetings, because they’re focused and productive, yet fun."

- Laura Yergan, 
Performance, Development & Diversity Coordinator

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