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Podcasts, Keynotes & Short Talks

Talks and Keynotes That Change Minds and Company Culture

Leadership Development, Training, Coaching, Speaking


Offers highly practical and instantly applicable leadership short talks and keynotes for teams, companies and organizations looking to engage their people and improve business culture. 

What can Pamela's Keynotes & Short Talks do for my people?

Your people will…

  • Embrace your mission

  • Find their purpose

  • Learn how to get others into immediate action

  • Be freshly encouraged, inspired and motivated about life and work


Nothing as profound as intervening in the aftermath of civil war could have prepared Pamela to make a difference in workplace conflicts. As you click on the podcasts interviews with Pamela that intrigue you, you'll be sure to pick up very helpful approaches for managing yourself and your people.

Restore Order to Virtual Meeting Horror; Stop Passive-Aggressive Sabotage 

  • Get a grip on the attitudes, manipulation, and lack of accountability that are showing up in your teams and what it will take to fix it.

  • 3 things you can do with your team to eliminate passive-aggressive behavior in virtual meetings!

  • Learn 3 key steps for running and engaging an effective remote meeting.

Earn Team Respect: Play To Their Unique Strengths

  • Recognize the four unique bird personalities who will either attack, disregard, submit, or spend hours proving they are right. 

  • Identify your own management style and how it affects members of your team.

  • Learn the secret of adapting yourself (just enough) so your people can hear you and respond with respect and alignment rather than resistance and gossip.

3 Ways To Get Your Problem People On Track, And Back To Work 

  • How to recognize victim, persecutor, and rescuer behavior (The dread Drama Triangle)


  • Learn to identify and stop the role you’re unwittingly playing in your team’s unwanted behaviors. (The 2nd most common way conflicts happens at work).

  • Learn 3 powerful ways to bring order to the chaos 


Handle Workplace Conflict BS; Inspired By A Post-War Police Consultant

  • Understand how values and belief systems are likely stopping each side from hearing or caring about the other.

  • Learn to listen for what is behind every conflict in order to unearth the commonalities and work toward a resolution.

  • Learn how easy it is to have the tough conversations that will get the result you need

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Short Talks

Pamela’s breakfast, luncheon, and dinner meeting “Short Talks” offer singular, relevant, insightful, and hands-on tools to lead your people up and out of their grumblings and straight back to work.

Most Popular Short Talks: 
  • 3 Critical Tips To Run A Truly Effective Meeting

  • Recognize The 3 Faces of Drama & Ditch Them!

Almost everyone lives in the drama triangle, and everyone wants out - or do they?

  • 3 Secrets to Effective Business Introductions

Telling people what you do can be frustrating and painful unless you've nailed it. Let's learn how to nail it!

  • THE 4 Personalities You Must Understand Or Your Business Will Fail

If you don't learn to recognize, understand and learn to communicate with these personalities, your whole world won't make sense, ever.

  • 5 Networking Mistakes You Are Probably Making That Prevent You From Bringing Home Business

Networking is actually like hunting, you have to prepare for it.

  • #1 Communication Skill You Need When Presenting To Any Group

If you do this one thing, your audience will love you and listen!

  • 3 Ways To Stop Being Controlled By A Passive-Aggressive

Passive-Aggressive behaviors can ruin your life if you let them.

Don’t see the right fit? That’s ok,

Pamela has hundreds of topics not listed, just ask.

Leadership Development, Training, Coaching, Speaking

"Practical, funny, inspiring.."

The most frequent comment from short talk attendees

Leadership Development, Training, Coaching, Speaking


These one plus hour talks will super-boost the key message of your next event.

Most Popular Keynotes: 
  • 3 Steps to Shifting A Mediocre Past To A Wildly Successful Future

And Staying There!

  • A Wreck In Paradise

You can crash without falling apart. How to get leadership to show up in a crunch - even when everything looks bleak and no one is on the same page. Things can change.

  • The Brave Start Here

How To Network with Confidence and Ease

  • Gain Peace of Mind In Knowing What You Were Meant To Do!

Pamela offers fundamental insight, thought-provoking questions and a fresh approach​​​​ to finding peace of mind in what you do.

  • Heal Corporate Cancer in 3 Months or Less

How Pamela coached her way from Stage IV Lymphoma (expected to live only 2-months longer after diagnosis) to completely healed in 3 months. How coaching yourself and others can transform your people, instantly.

Have a custom topic?

Pamela can create a keynote based on your topic choice.

What audiences have to say about Pamela’s talks:

"I just love watching you present, … to see what you craft out of your creative soul. You have an efflorescent spirit that enlivens any situation. I so admire your playful and engaging interaction with the audience while delivering a message."


You Just Shine!!


Want to see Pamela in action?

Watch one of her keynotes here.

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