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That inspire confidence and action

                              provide a safe learning environment for students to explore, try on and adopt new concepts. Our attendees learn to speak a common language so they can more effectively collaborate on ideas, problem-solve, and really step up to the leadership plate.


Who are your workshops for?

management teams, family businesses, and business partnerships.

What types of workshops do you offer?



Our trainings are designed to boost, upgrade, and compliment leadership skill-sets. We focus on leadership through mentoring, conflict management and emotional intelligence.



Whether you or your team are terrified to take the stage or just want to refine your speaking skills, we have a variety of public speaking workshops to fit your professional development needs.



We train on the leading personal assessment tool used by over 1 million people every year to improve work productivity, teamwork, and communication. DiSC® has a proven 98% accuracy rate, and  is very easy to understand and apply.

What's your training methodology and style?


  • Use a “Coach” training style which encourages student involvement on multiple levels

  • Create a learning environment that is safe, yet challenging

  • Train using “adult” learning concepts keeping content relevant, relatable, interesting, and practical

  • Encourage meaningful self-evaluation

  • Present a variety of facilitated activities and discussions

  • Encourage active participation in activities

  • Support problem-solving based on your real work situations

  • Utilize provocative inquiry throughout

  • Focus more on listening for attendee comprehension, rather than pontificating 

  • Plan for and take student-driven content “tangents” that usually result in the highest take-aways

“The best workshop I’ve [ever] attended. The content was immediately applicable in my daily business. Simple and easy to understand, yet very powerful.” 

- Rachel Hoch, Partner, New York Life

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