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                               Workshops teach your people how to better understand themselves and those they work with. Once your team comprehends the simplicity and predictability of behavioral styles, communication becomes a breeze and conflict naturally dissipates. This will lead to a more harmonized environment for your team and customers.


Why choose DiSC® Workshops?

DiSC® is very easy to understand and apply. It has a proven 98% accuracy rate in identifying an individual's preferred method of communication, natural management style, go-to conflict style, and sales approach. This becomes an invaluable tool to stabilize your workforce, improve morale, deliver excellent customer service, and pave the path for a successful and profitable business.


Who are DiSC® Workshops for?

We train C-suite, management, and employees to take ownership and accountability so they become more respected and followed. These fundamental leadership actions will influence company-wide performance.

What DiSC® Workshops do you offer?
  • Successful Communication Training 3-Part Series: Each 4-hour segment builds upon each other to form a comprehensive communication training that teaches working with others, conflict management skills, and how to fully integrate DiSC® in the workplace.

  • Productive Conflict: This 4-hour interactive workshop identifies individual conflict styles and ways to manage selves and others during conflict.


  • 3 Secrets to Closing Sales Through Reading People: This 4-hour standalone workshop teaches individuals selling and buying styles. When a seller is able to connect to any buyer, there is a potential to increase sales of up to 75%. 

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