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Why choose Leadership Workshops?

Our Leadership Workshops utilize custom techniques and advanced communication skills to instantly improve performance and productivity. Attendees will learn to handle conflict with expertise and ease making leadership become second nature.

Who are Leadership Workshops for?

We train C-suite, management and emerging leaders to take ownership and accountability so they are respected and followed. These fundamental leadership actions will influence company-wide performance, increase productivity and improve efficiency.

What are the Leadership Workshops you offer?

  • From Managers to Leaders: A 4-day middle management training workshop where we aim to build and develop self-confidence through adding a coaching approach to management. Emerging managers will learn how to manage from a place of leadership versus fear or superiority.

  • Mentor Your Corporate Dream Team: A 3-hour workshop designed to uncover what needs to be in place in order to build your corporate dream team. This is a great workshop to attend before strategic planning.

  • Stop Employee Conflict Today: This 4-hour workshop focuses on three critical keys to help your manager adeptly lead employees and themselves out of unending, unnecessary, and unproductive drama, for good.

  • Manager Employee Coach Training: This is a transformational 2-day coach immersion training where managers will learn coaching secrets far beyond goal-setting, which will get employee's negative behaviors under control and back to work. 

  • From Managers to Thriving Leaders: This 1-day management workshop is part 2 of From Managers to Leaders and focuses on teaching advanced keys to leverage an overwhelmed and over-stretched self so that managers can lead effectively and effortlessly.

  • Pickleball Team Building: This is a 1-day leadership training that focuses on improving company culture through a combination of sit down workshops and playing the fastest growing sport in North America, pickleball. 

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