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How Is COVID-19 Defining You?

People are talking, boy, are they talking! I'm hearing bewilderment, frustration, and fear mixed with strong urges to do something.

In fact, one person I spoke with yesterday lost his faith so quickly in the "banking system" he added to our current stock market crisis by pulling all of his money out of the market. He probably lost over 60% of his precious money by pulling out when the market was at an all-time low, plus he paid penalty taxes for withdrawing early. Ouch!

We build up all kinds of stories and depending upon what information we feed ourselves, we will act. Just like my friend did. The problem is, our actions, without balance, may not help us in the long-run.

I’m not here to talk you out of your fears. Each fear has validity. I also know that no matter how bad things appear, there is guaranteed light at the end of each tunnel. It just depends on how long you choose to stay in the tunnel.

Meanwhile, how long it will take before we are back to a sustainable society, or what all the twists and turns will look like are up for grabs. Yet, we know that as with everything that has ever happened on this earth, "this, too, shall pass."

While waiting for "this" to pass, these seem to be the 2 popular options.

#1: hunker down and try to wait things out.

#2: get to work.

Option #1: If it works for you to wait and do nothing. I commend your patience, yet you could possibly miss the opportunity of a lifetime... by doing nothing...

Option #2: What kind of work? If you have dreamed of running a virtual business, or see this as an opportunity to step into the world differently, I’d like to help you get to work strategically.

It's my gift to you, to arm you with my best strategies for succeeding in tough times. I’ve been in business for 15+ years and I’ve not only survived several recessions, but my business started in one and actually grew through the others.

If you would like a complimentary strategy session, it would be my honor. (I remember thinking that I would never post a "free" session again, but this is a unique time calling for generosity, understanding and pulling together - so I renege that previous post).

I'm directly speaking to the action-taking-person who cannot sit around and do nothing.

Check out my COVID-19 Fight Back strategy here:

*If the link above doesn't work, that means I am no longer able to offer these sessions.

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