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How Do You Know Your Company Culture Is In Trouble?

If you lay awake at night feeling like you are losing control of your people, chances are, you are right. If you wish you could fire the whole lot of them and start over, you may end up doing this several times until you change something besides your people.

What are blatant signs your company is in trouble?

When your team seems more sluggish than urgent about business.

When your key people no longer act like they are on fire for your company.

When the negative surprises outweigh the positive ones.

When your people are complaining and gossiping about each other.

When the good people go and the average people stay.

When you can feel the frost in the air (even in the summer).

If you want integrity, flow and effectiveness in your company culture, it’s time to get honest and real about changing your organization’s culture right away.

Why? Because if engagement and effectiveness are missing, it won’t magically reappear on its own.

Stop dragging your feet. If you want your people to respect you again, and to stop losing your good people.

It’s time you get back the control, it’s time to do something different. 

What to do?


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