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Why Are You Not Leading Effortlessly?

You know you are meant to lead others, and yet, you haven't shifted your incredible leadership gift into super-gear. Why not?

Your leadership is likely not effortless; rather the opposite. You really want to attract and lead 10x's the people you already have. You probably also want to make 10x's the income that you are at today.

I had to learn how to lead effortlessly. I, like you, had no idea how to increase that momentum without burning myself or my family out. The hugeness of it all can be overwhelming.

I’m no longer reeling, I’m playing. Life is fun, life works. I can’t wait to live the next moment! I now lead effortlessly..

Life, when it's right is serendipitous, it's flow.

Are you in flow?​

Are you quoting this over-used, little understood mantra? 

"There is simply no substitute for hard work when it comes to achieving success."

Does thinking you need to work harder send you into a tail spin of procrastination? It’s because the thought of working harder and harder is actually stopping you instead of launching you forward. Imagine if you replaced that hard work thinking with:

"When you are in perfect alignment with your mission, your family, yourself and God; everything flows easily, almost effortlessly."

Isn't that really how you originally imagined yourself leading?

Your misconstrued hard work thinking and continual pushing of yourself is

The cause of your exhaustion. It’s the cause of lack of clarity. It’s the cause of your lack of true alignment. It’s the cause of your building people issues and family stress.

That means, you are working harder than ever and it’s not working - it won't work without paying a huge price. This is stopping you from stepping into your greatness.

If you want to lead effortlessly, Then stop trying so hard. Those two words don't work in the same mindset. Step back, look at what you love to do and move in that direction. You remember what being in flow feels like, go there. See yourself arising to even greater heights as a leader doing what you love, how you love to do it. Why? Because work needs to be fun. “Hard work” when exchanged with play and passion becomes purpose. Purpose may look like work to others, but to the one doing it, it's like an endless flow of life and energy.

If you are not in flow and high energy but are instead feeling burnout, it's time to rethink where you are and what you are doing. Effortless is possible.

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